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 Metroid Prime Hunters Walkthrough [In Progress]

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Ryo 'Wraith' Kilepura
Ryo 'Wraith' Kilepura

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Metroid Prime Hunters Walkthrough [In Progress] Empty
PostSubject: Metroid Prime Hunters Walkthrough [In Progress]   Metroid Prime Hunters Walkthrough [In Progress] Icon_minitimeFri Oct 01, 2010 2:41 pm

Metroid Prime Hunters Walkthrough [In Progress] Metroid-prime-hunters_20060428_1004

Video Walkthrough: Not available

Text Walkthrough: In Progress

METROID Prime Hunters walkthrough
By: Ryo Kilepura

Table of contents
1. Introducition
A. My Review
B. Controls
C. Starting Equipment
D. Pick Ups
2. Beginning
A. Psychic Contact and our mission
3. Celestial Archives 1
1. Introduction
Hello people and welcome to my walkthrough of METROID Prime Hunters. I would like to, if I may, to give you a brief review of the game through my eyes. Hunters takes place between METROID Prime and METROID Prime 2 Echoes in the time line. This game takes place in the Alimbic Cluster within the TETRA GALAXY as the story progresses, 4 worlds you can travel to ad explore. This is also the first time in the series you can travel to different planet and travel in your space ship…rather control your destination. Then the controls, I believe they did the best they could have done with the control scheme. Also, the addition of six new hunters was a nice touch that they added in my opinion.

Many seem to complain that the story was not so good. I think it was and the final boss was great. However, the 8 bosses were repetitive, but at least you had to use a new beam and dodge new attacks. To me, that was the only downside. The six new beams were nice and there worlds were fun to explore. Guardian battles got annoying, but bearable. The music was as good as ever and the cut scenes were a lovely addition too. So, if I was to rate this game… 8.5/10

B. Controls

Touch pad and stylus-Used to move Samus’s arm cannon so you can look around and aim. You can double tap to jump. Moves morph ball too.

D-pad- Used to make Samus walk around and to in battle move left or right to dodge. Keep moving.

A, B, X, Y buttons-all are your jump buttons. Take your pick. Also movs the morph ball.

L button- This is your fire button. Press and hold for a charge. One of your beams can’t be charged. In morph ball mode, this lets you use bombs.

R button- In morph ball mode. Press to use the boost ball.

Select button-Does nothing.

Start button-Opens the topographic map for you to see of the world you already explored with names for each area.

C. Starting Equipment
Arm Cannon- An essential part of SAMUS’s POWER SUIT. The ARM CANNON is UPGRADABLE and adaptable to other weaponry. To fire the weapon, press the FIRE button [L] Switch weapons by tapping the weapon icon(s) at the top right on the touch screen.

Boost Ball- BOOST by quickly stroking in the desired direction or by pressing the BOOST [R] button. A morph ball upgrade that was first introduced in Metroid Prime 1 and was rather fun to play with…and ram enemies. In hunters, it really does not have much use like it did in Prime 1, 2 and 3 even. Here, it’s only good use is speed even then; you already have more than enough speed…

Charge Shot- By holding down and releasing the FIRE button. The ARM CANNON is able to fire concentrated charge bursts. It also draws in energy and missile replenishes like a tractor beam.

Combat Visor- The basic visor you get that shows the aiming ridicule and how much shield energy you have. It does not have the lock on feature in hunters so it’s all manual aiming.

Jump Boots- An essential part of SAMUS’s POWER SUIT. To jump, double-tap the touch screen or press the jump button [A,B,X,Y]. These boots can be used to jump in midair. These got so nerfed. I want the double jump back and to be called Space Jump Boots.-_-

Missile Launcher- Launches explosive-tipped MISSILES that detonate in a percussive blast. Thisstandard-issue weapon is extremely effective in dealing with biological threats. Holdthe FIRE [L] button to charge the SUPER MISSILE and cause it to seek heat signatures. A powerful ballistic weapon, but lacks good consecutive fire. While you get it right at the start, you have no ammo for it. Missiles are also a bit of a slow moving weapon. While they have speed, your power beam will hit its target faster. Missiles are used to open brown blast shield doors. Which, there is only one.

Morph Ball-SAMUS has the ability to transform into a ball that can move at high speeds and access areas her bipedal form cannot. To enter the Alt-form, tap the icon in the lower right corner of the screen. Use the control pad or A,B,X, and Y buttons to move the MORPH BALL. Use the touch screen for more precise control with gentle strokes in the desired direction. Ah, the classic orb that allows for Samus to get through small spaces about 10 meters wide. It turns Samus into a ball and allows her to roll at faster speeds then if she was walking. This is also known as an alternate form.

Morph Ball Bomb- Samall bursts of energy detonate from the MORPH BALL shortly after being triggered. Ideal for opening secret passages and eliminating small creatures. Press the FIRE [L] button while in MORPH BALL mode to place the BOMBS. BOMB JUMPING is possible by triggering BOMBS with proper timing. The morph balls only multipurpose weapon. These orbs of energy explode three seconds after they are set. This can be used to damage enemies, open blue blast shield doors and to perform a morph ball jump. Do it right, and you can perform a double bomb jump. Place a bomb, wait until it’s about to explode, lay another and when in the air before you descend, lay the third. If done correctly, the second will explode sending you up and when the last one goes, it’ll send you higher. You only get three bombs at a time, but they do regenerate.

Power Beam- The standard-issue POWER BEAM has limited offensive capability and unlimited ammunition. As with all charge weapons, press and hold the FIRE[L] button to attract energy and ammo, and to charge up the shot. Release to fire a powerful blast. The weapons overheats quickly and works best when fired in controlled bursts. Your trusty rapid fire default beam and staple in any Metroid game. What would Samus be without is? While lacking true power, it has rapid fire and the charge shot is as powerful as a missile shot. It gets the job done.

Scan Visor- An essential tool. The SCAN VISOR is able to identify most forms of alien language and xenobiology. To activate the SCAN VISOR, tap and hold the small button centered at the bottom of the touch screen. Once it’s activated, press and hold the FIRE [L] button to scan an object. Scroll data by tapping the left and right arrows. Tap the SCAN VSOR button again to deactivate. Scanning is back and helpful as ever. It allows for information obtaining, learning and puzzle solving. Scan switches to open doors and so on. Also, when you’re in a new room….or even in a revisited room later on, SCAN EVERYTHING! I will not stress that enough, especially if you’re a 100% completionist like me.

Super Missile- That’s right, you heard me. We get super missiles right off the bat. However, we have no ammo to use… crap. Well, anyways, to use the super missile, you need to charge the missile launcher by pressing and holding the fire button. This will make an orb glow like the charge shot for the power beam and make the prongs on the arm cannon spin. Release the button to fire at the cost of 3 missiles per use. Super missiles also home in on enemies and are obviously more powerful than a single missile. Cool right? Also, when charging, it will bring pick up items like energy to you. Godly man.

Thermal Positioner- SAMUS’s location is tracked by a THERMAL POSITIONER which relays an image of SAMUS and her surroundings. This valuable imaging tool also identifies objects and entities with unique POWER SIGNATURES. Access the THERMAL POSITIONER by pressing START.

Varia Suit- A secondary shield and upgrade to the basic upgradable power suit. Another true blue staple in the Metroid series. Samus would not be Sammy without this big shoulder padded suit. While it’s the only suit you ever have in the game, at least you do not lose it and it allows you to explore super heated and super cold places. Very N’Ice.

D. Pick Ups
Energy Components
-Small Energy: Replenishes 30 units of energy expended from the POWER SUIT due to battle damage.
-Medium Energy: Replenishes 60 units of energy expended from the POWER SUIT due to battle damage
-Large Energy: Replenishes 100 units of energy expended from the POWER SUIT due to battle damage
-Energy Tanks: Increases the POWER SUIT’s maximum energy storage capacity by 100 units.

Missile Components
-Small Missile Pack: Replenishes MISSILE reserves by 10 MISSILES.
-Large Missile Pack: Replenishes MISSILE reserves by 25 MISSILES.
-Missile Expansion: Increases the capacity of the ARM CANNON’s arsenal by 10 MISSILES.

Ammo Components
-Small UA Pack: Replenishes 10 ROUNDS of UNIVERSAL AMMO. MORPHING UA contains munitions nanotechnology engineered for instant adaptation to almost any weapon, Altering caliber and composition at the molecular level to match the ballistic specifications of the host weapon.
-Large UA Pack: Replenishes 25 ROUNDS of UNIVERSAL AMMO
-UA Expansion: Increases the UNIVERSAL AMMO capacity by 30 units.

Holy chozo angels that was long, but now… let’s get on with it, eh?
2. Beginning.

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Metroid Prime Hunters Walkthrough [In Progress]
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