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 Chris gen-te

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PostSubject: Chris gen-te   Chris gen-te Icon_minitimeSat Jan 08, 2011 10:05 pm

player ID: christen MX
character name: Chris gen-te
race:dengoroth (a being made up of energy except for the outer-most part which is the same as human skin and looks like it too) with a small amount of space pirate (a kind of energy made to mimic the blood/DNA of a space pirate)
gender: depending on the main form being used, it can have either a male or female personality, the personality switches seconds after the form.
height:6 feet 7 inches
weight:3 pounds (that is the weight of his skin)
known languages: galactic standard, space pirate
appearance: unknown to most due to his energy basing but often appears in the form of a male of it's own age with light toning and sandy blond hair or the form of a female with fiery red hair, and for the rest just imagine samus with slightly smaller boobs and a slightly smaller butt. tends to wear a dark blue skin tight body suit not unlike samus' zero suit, slightly altered for his male form
Faction/Organization: galactic federation PED soldier
alignment: neutral
personality:blood thirsty for people he has no dealings with at all, but to his friends he is kind and caring for the people he is not a friend with but works for he is polite (male), light hearted and easily made happy or sad, she is greatly affected by the slightest emotional stimulus, and this is also a weakness.
strengths:unaffected by diseases and is able to control the energies it has and manifest them in the physical world as lightning like things or weapons and armor.
weaknesses:phazon, metroids of all types (this is a mental weakness), quick to anger, has a little too much pride, X parasites, and cannot withstand too much energy in a given area. female is quick to any emotion, as she is amazingly sensitive to emotional stimulus.
likes/dislikes: absolutely adores metroids (both) and loves to fight meaningful and meaningless battles enjoys friendly sparring (male) likes talon aran (post "Darkened world"), hugs, men, women, people in general. hates X parasites with a passion and absolutely HATES space pirates not from their planet (more detail will be gone into later.)(both), dislikes mean people (female alone)
energies and control: pairs: dark/light energy (not from megaman). control L/D :with light energy he is able to create light at will in a 5 mile radius, with dark energy he is able to suck the light out of the surrounding area up to the degree of pitch blackness and the area spoken of is 1 mile
kill/revivification energy. control K/R: with kill energy he is able to make a projectile attack that goes in a continuous line for about 10 meters it is called "demon wave" revivification energy is able to bring a living thing that has died back to life
meteo/geo. control M/G: using geo energy he can control the earth around him for up to 10 minutes, and meteo energy is able to create an everlasting lightning-storm in a 30 meter radius.
wound/heal. control W/H:with heal energy he can heal the wounds of a person that could cause death.used in conjunction with revivification energy to restore life to those who have died. wound energy is capable of causing life threatening bodily damage under the skin and undetectably.
singular energies: soul energy.control soul energy: with soul energy he is able to manifest a weightless spiraling cone shaped weapon that is 6 ft long 10 in wide at the base and it shrinks in that regard until at the tip it is only a nanometer wide, he is also able to make a small ball of this energy that rapidly compresses and then expands in an explosion much like a super nova but not as big or powerful it also has no heat energy at all (absolute zero for about the ten seconds of it's explosion)
neutral energy. control neutral energy: able to turn into matter at the will of the user, but it is permanent and this energy is also a type that can be worn out but will build back up, so he has to use it sparingly.
equipment: his jumpsuits, it's powersuit and anything he makes with neutral energy and keeps.
character history:no file prior to adoption. he was adopted by space pirates from a planet where they had changed, no longer were they hateful but mostly peaceful except for the odd skirmish and more regular arena battles (for entertainment and not to the death) they were split into clans and tribes (clans that shared similar rituals and traditions)

suit name: makero
suit type: energy holding special suit designed by his tribe of pirates. highly modified for higher power. (post Darkened world)
special abilities:able to control gravity
weaponry: two plasma pistols on either leg and a plasma rifle on the back with standard plasma mode, wave mode(for passing through walls), nova mode (mimicking the nova beam used by the mining cannons on the pirate homeworld albeit highly compressed), and a hyper mode (fires shots as powerful as the hyper beam from super metroid but it overheats after 10 shots and needs a 2 hour cooling period) along with a shoulder mounted cannon, a retractable arm cannon and a PED trooper removable arm cannon.
shielding:hazard shield, phazon shield, heat shielding, and gravity shielding (like the type used by the gravity suit)

alt-form name: twin shield
description: forms a weak clone and fights back to back using an energy scythe used by the pirates that has extremely enhanced length and switches one fires a cannon the other swings the scythe, when the scythe swinging one finishes his swing the two switch tactics to use the others: the one who swung starts shooting and the old shooter starts a swing of the scythe.
abilities/weapons: enhanced length pirate scythe, two plasma pistols, back mounted cannon.

ship: shadow wren
ship type: stealth class fighter
weapon systems: plasma/nova cannons, cloaked missiles.
attachments: an energy recharger/material replicator, sleeping quarters, 4 seats, and a food replicator.
registered to the name of: Chris gen-te


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Chris gen-te
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