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 lost (legacy era)

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PostSubject: lost (legacy era)   lost (legacy era) Icon_minitimeSun Mar 01, 2015 8:04 am

Player ID: Christen MX


Character name: Lost
Race: cybernetically enhanced human with androidic traits (full mechanical limbs and such)
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Height: 7'1
Weight: ??? (no way to calculate how much metal is in him, and therefore no way to calculate the metal weight, so no knowledge of his weight)
Appearance: hair: half snow-white, half metallic-silver, worn long (reaching halfway down his back) and either in ponytail or slicked straight back; muscles: athletically built, primarily swimmer build (meaning longer thinner muscles rather than shorter thick and bulging muscles); skin: complexion is unmarred by acne or scars, color is well tanned, with olive undertones signifying he is of Italian descent; eyes: colored red with flecks of silver and iron-black, pupils contain ultra-high resolution cameras directly connected to his nervous-system (if that's incorrect, tell me, I'll correct it) and light amplifiers which allow for a laser-eye attack; mouth: well filled lips, teeth are almost completely white (none missing), tongue is thinner than most.
Personality: broken down by stress, his mind is often all over the place, he experiences few moments of true clarity, and they are short-lived.
Strengths: incredibly strong and deadly
Weaknesses: bad at planning and thinking rationally
Likes/Dislikes: solitude/crowds
Known Languages: English (Terran, not Galactic standard)


Faction/Organization: none
Alignment: other


Other: holds the patent for Infinium and all related products
Equipment: Spare Infinium Hyper-cores (999, stored in spacial pocket), Spacial pocket (stores equipment when not in use), Portable anti-matter launcher: Demi-Krieger (shrunken vault krieger which launches one inch diameter 1 decimeter long anti-matter shells at mach-10, it's still huge, like carrying a cannon from a pirate ship, though much lighter, powered by its own infinium hyper-core, shaped like an octagon that has been stretched side to side so that it's three feet wide but only a foot tall (from the back), has three holes in the front surrounding the bigger one which launches the laser and anti-matter, and a handle on the back), personal worm-hole generator (does what it says, he plugs in the spacial and temporal coordinates and then walks through, arriving at his destination without crossing the intervening space.)


Character History: born in the late twentieth century on Earth, he was an underachiever with a laid-back "go with the flow" attitude. He was quite intelligent however, and after researching several technologies for years just for fun, he came up with several formulas which, when followed, perfected those technologies. After having the formulas patented, he began searching for something new to do, and eventually discovered/created a substance/energy which he named "Infinium", as it had near limitless energy production potential. His first thought for it was to create robots, which he did for a time, but it ultimately was boring. This left him with one fairly logical choice: weapons production. He began working on weaponizing the Infinium, but ultimately failed in doing so directly, leading him to turn to it as a power-source for advanced weapons such as rail-guns and hyper-acceleration cannons. With his inventions, he earned billions of dollars, but it became boring quite quickly, and he eventually decided to do something drastic: He converted himself into an android-type cyborg (a cyborg whose mechanical parts are unnoticeable, as if they were not there until they are used/in use), this led to him expanding his own life-span and a few other things. But ultimately, with each new invention, life lost more and more purpose for him. Eventually his own success drove him to insanity, something which he only recovered from with extensive time and self-therapy. He is still in recovery now, and can't focus very well on singular things, causing him to seek solitude to sort through his jumbled thoughts piece by piece.

-Battle suit-
Suit Name: Prototype X-1 series combat armor
Suit Type: Prototype X-1 series combat armor
Weaponry: both weapons are a part of his body, and can be used in and out of suit, as is the Infinium Hyper-core which powers them. weapons use a matter compression system to collapse into his forearms.
-head: laser-eyes: his mechanical eyes shoot lasers. strong enough to cut through steel like butter.
-Right arm/hand: Hyper-acceleration cannon (AKA Hyper-Velocity cannon) (hyper-accelerates a 1-mm sphere of synthetic material designed to withstand the ultra-high speeds without undergoing liquefaction, launching it into something else and transferring all kinetic energy to the something-else. just look up Hyper-acceleration on wikipedia. Barrel is three times longer than his fore-arm, shaped as a trapezoid with an 6-inch long base and a 4-inch short base, arms are of equal angle, distance between bases is 8-10 inches, short base is on the bottom. if divided into a square and two triangles, at the top two corners of the square there are square metal rods sticking out, on the bottom exactly in the middle there is a third rod, they extend two inches out. that is about the best description I can give of this thing, fill in the rest with your imagination.)
-left arm/hand: Electromagnetic Rail-Cannon ('s a rail-gun built into his arm, just look up rail-gun on wikipedia, and imagine the shape yourself. also three times the length of his forearm.)
Power-source: Infinium Hyper-core (infinium is a unique man-made substance which, when refined, produces energy without limits on amount, it is theorized that it pulls energy from other universes or the un-space between universes. A hyper-core is designed to refine the raw energy produced by the infinium into a useable form)
Repair-system: Auto-Repair nanites (also repairs his body, organic and mechanic parts alike), functions by taking matter from the surroundings and converting it into the materials needed to repair damage where parts are removed, damage where the body is merely parted in places is repaired by pulling it back together and sealing the wound perfectly. In an environment with little to no matter, the nanites fall back on their energy-matter conversion engines which allows them to create the needed matter themselves.
Shielding: basic energy shielding.

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PostSubject: Re: lost (legacy era)   lost (legacy era) Icon_minitimeFri Apr 03, 2015 10:19 pm

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lost (legacy era)
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