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 Dead Echo(The crew of the Elexia)

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Dead Echo(The crew of the Elexia) Empty
PostSubject: Dead Echo(The crew of the Elexia)   Dead Echo(The crew of the Elexia) Icon_minitimeMon Feb 18, 2019 12:24 am

Pretty much just Talon Hawke's crew, giving them this as a place to just sorta organize them. And also an expectation for future character sheets(None of them are strong enough to be considered overpowered)

Talon Hawke
Silas Boreale
Krogg - A huge green Orc-ish man. Comes off as somewhat dumb, but is really just not very good at galactic basic. Actually probably one of the smarter members of the crew otherwise.
F1-XR "Fixer": A former robotic quartermaster, his programming was short circuited when Silas shoved him into a power box. After a rather rough beating that put Silas in a medbay for a week, he joined the crew, handling minor ship repairs and weapon and armor maintenance.
Grieger: An Urtragian Space Pirate defector, worked as a doctor for them before joining up with the Federation, being a surprisingly competent doctor on non-space pirates. If a little too enthusiastic to push for cybernetics. Generally a non-combatant, but will fight if pushed.

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Dead Echo(The crew of the Elexia) GiLTRRE
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Dead Echo(The crew of the Elexia)
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