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 Espera Nota Samus' apprentice

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PostSubject: Espera Nota Samus' apprentice   Espera Nota Samus' apprentice Icon_minitimeMon Jun 18, 2012 1:15 am

player ID: christen MX
character name: Espera Nota
race: 45% metroid 55% human.
age:23 1/2
height:6 feet 4 inches
weight:220 pounds without armor, 310 with.
known languages: galactic standard, metroid
appearance: not extremely muscular, brown somewhat messy hair, greenish-brown eyes, and an extremely light green tinge to his otherwise (very) light tan skin, wears a black zero suit with red symbols similar to those on Samus' zero suit (he is her apprentice after all) with a flame on the side opposite the symbol on his chest.
Faction/Organization: bounty hunter apprenticed to Samus Aran
alignment: chaotic good
personality: somewhat obsessive compulsive, usually happy, easily depressed however, and tries to stay away from others when angry.
weaknesses: extreme cold, his inability to control himself around X parasites, and his haunting past.
likes: Samus Aran, X parasites (as a food source), metroids, the luminoth, the chozo, (those last two because they helped Samus at certain points), and his home planet (earth).
dislikes: the cold, rude people, and people who attack him, Samus, or any of his other friends.
equipment: his zero suit variant, his main suit, his laser pistols which can combine into a rifle or large-ish cannon for powerful but slow to recharge shots, an automatic-fire rifle formed from one of the metroids he made (they can transform if they have not reached their alpha state, and this one decided to stay a rifle) which fires shots that drain bio energy at half the rate a metroid does from whatever is hit, and a grappling mechanism usable in and out of suit. (post "Darkened world" RP):
slipstream pistols: follows the same basic principle as the slipstream weapon/s used by Ryo Kilepura, but in pistol form.
blast rifle: fires highly explosive shots damaging things for damage equal to two missiles in a ten meter radius.
high missile launcher: a rifle with a much larger than normal barrel, has three "extensions" on the very end of the barrel, these produce targeting lasers. the rifle takes time to charge but once charged it fires a large-ish missile shaped energy shot that violently explodes on contact. deals damage equal to two super missiles.
hand cannon: a slightly boxy, cannon that has three things in the center that produce the shots, has a rifle like back. has two modes. mode 1: laser mode, fires a powerful shot (three charged power beam shots) that lasts for 30 seconds, able to be moved once firing starts. mode two: acid mode, simple. this mode turns things hit by the shot into a somewhat powerful acid that deactivates once the thing that was hit by the shot is completely consumed. if this happens to be something connected to a lot of stuff, it can be manually deactivated from a control-y thing on the gun. he is given two of these and the slipstream pistols.
the hand cannons can also fuse, like the main pistols of this character, they form a large cannon, reminiscent of a tank cannon if it could be held by a human. (it's much lighter) fires a powerful laser shot highly reminiscent of the "Zero laser", after firing though it cannot be used again for ten posts by the user.
stupid beam gun:turns any enemy hit by a shot from this weapon into a gibbering idiot for two posts.
finally, he was also given the "black hole rifle" it, despite the name, does not create an actual black hole, but is just a rifle that fires a shot that is like the beam combo usable by the others that combines the dark and sunbursts, but it uses no ammo and therefore must charge for one post before use and cool down for four posts of the users posts.
character history: was born on earth, 8 years into life he met Samus Aran, who after wheedling and begging agreed to take him on as her apprentice, teaching him once a month when situations allowed for it. Eventually he started bio experiments when not being taught by Samus, and was able to replicate/re-create the metroid species, even going so far as to make metroids born at certain points in their life cycle. When he was eleven, he got attacked by a mysterious invisible creature, and, being unable to protect himself, got somewhat badly hurt. After this incident he infused himself with metroid DNA (a lot of it), and became much more able to defend himself, going so far as being able to levitate almost as well as any real metroid could. by the time he was eleven and a half, he had nearly perfected his long range fighting (with his twin laser pistols). But disaster struck before his twelfth birthday earth was attacked by a race of beings alien in nature. These things would usually not attack groups that had more then 20 members, but sometimes they were bolder. it took nearly eleven years, and many losses to fight them off (in fact during the far end of the war is when he received his suit) his parents died during the war, and after it was over Samus agreed to take him with her, to the place he is now. He became a bounty hunter, working alongside his teacher, learning, fighting, he still is in fact.

suit name: metroid prime nano creation suit (abbreviated MPNCS)
suit type: phazon+metroid corrupted primarily nanotech suit.
weaponry: twin rapid fire cannons attached to the back just below the shoulders, an energy siphon system built to make use of his metroid ability to siphon bio-energy from his victims used through curved metal "teeth" on the hands, twin laser pistols holstered at the hips, his metroid rifle, and 10 missile launchers with rapidly regenerating missiles in each shoulder pad ,which can be hidden. (post "Darkened world"): and his guns gained at the beginning of the "Darkened world" mission, a remake of the speed booster, only more powerful in it's own way. it allows for instant activation and use mid-air. it loses the shinespark however.
the plasma bombs, which are just doubly powerful bombs,the crystal shot which is an upgrade to the charge shot, allowing the solid state of plasma to be reached if enough time is put in, this makes the shots stronger
an experimental type of boot, one that allows for a combination of the shinespark/speedbooster and the screw attack, and a remade screw attack, one that can be charged, if the user so pleases, but it needs a charging upgrade to work like that. and eight phazon tentacles growing out of the back which can be retracted for periods of two days, but no more than without pain.
shielding: hazard, varia, gravity, and basic.

alt-form: Full salvo
description: his suit transforms into a mass of launchers for explosive weaponry, locking him in place until all weapons have been launched at least once, then he regains control and can fire at will, and return to regular form at will.
abilities/weapons: rapidly fires explosive weaponry until all weapons have been fired at least once, spreading destruction over a large area.

secondary alt-form: "cannon ball"
description: a ball covered in launchers for regular energy missiles, has 8 tentacles that allow for wall climbing.

ship: the M.S.M.A.C.C.S Elysium
ship type: Olympus like ship with star fleet carrier attachment
weapon systems:none, shield focuses energy attacks and fires them forward however.
attachments: immense ship carrier attached to the back. 72 docks for ships the size of the Olympus, 42 for ships twice the size of Samus', and 39 for ships around the size of Samus'.
registered to the name of: Espera Nota

M.S.M.A.C.C.S stands for Metroid run Ship and Metroid Armada Carrier Class Ship


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